Not much of a Blogger!

WELLLLL, as you can tell from my post back in the beginning of 2015! I am not much of a blogger! But I have been busy! You know.... living life. I became a MOM, to Gabriella Vahtin, October 13, 2015. Which has been a completely awesome journey! Now she's headed toward her second year of life, truly amazing!!!!! She surely is keeping me on my toes! (like waking up right now from her nap!!!!) But I love her to pieces and in my life, She comes first!

Slowly but steadily word is getting out about my event decorating business, and we have expanded from Utica, NY to Syracuse, Rochester, and Albany, even PA!!! Just trough word of mouth! Can't be more proud! Social Media/ Online not so much.... but I definitely won't complain. There is a time and place for everything!

Here are some pictures of my baby journey and weddings we have done thus far! Apologize for some of the poor quality pictures!


Snezhana Vahtin

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